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Robert Koenig
Producer & Director
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Brandon Kohrt
Writer & Research Consultant
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Brandon Kohrt, a medical anthropologist from Emory University (Atlanta, GA), has worked in Nepal since 1996 researching and aiding victims of war. Since 2006 he has directed Transcultural Psychosocial Organization-Nepal's assistance program for former child soldiers. Kohrt is a leading international scholar in the field of child soldiers with recent research publications in Journal of the American Medical Academy (JAMA). In 2005 Kohrt was awarded the Physicians for Human Rights Navin Narayan Award for leadership in health and human rights.

As research consultant and writer on RETURNED, Kohrt has been instrumental in helping Robert Koenig establish relationships to his many contacts in Nepal. This includes government officials, United Nations representatives, rehabilitation program directors, outreach program directors, teachers, former child soldiers and their families. After the historic elections in April of 2008, Kohrt is re-interviewing some these contacts on camera to get an update on the current political situation.

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Scott Ippolito
Director of Photography
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Gordon Ray
Story Consultant
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Prachanda Shrestha
Associate Producer
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Dan Diehl
Art Director
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Mark Turin
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Harris Bierhoff
Music Composer
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Elisabeth Koenig
Executive Producer
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